Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh So Sweet

Little Peanut
This past week was very busy for our family. The girls returned to school after a seven week break and we had the priviledge of caring for a baby girl for a few days. Let me tell you that little peanut is the epitome of cuteness.

Hannah is now in 7th grade. I cannot believe she is that old! How did this happen? She is enjoying having several teachers to teach her different subjects. However, she once again is the only girl her age in her class of all boys. Please pray for her. It is hard for her not to have a close friend, and since she is now in middle school, she no longer has recess or lunch at the same time as Sarah.

Sarah, our sixth grader is enjoying having her friends in her classroom, especially Brianna whose family was on furlough last year in the U.S. Sarah continues to be her perfectionist self and even this morning was making sure that she knew all of her spelling words perfectly, as she was at home sick on Friday. I guess she won't be up for the perfect attendance award this year ;-)

Myah trying out the role of big sister
Can you believe that Myah is now seven and in second grade? I can't! It seems like she should still be toddling around the house with me each day. Man how time goes by so quickly. Myah is enjoying her new teacher and class. This year her classroom has four girls and one boy, until her friend Sydney returns to Peru next month. Then there will be five girls! You may want to pray for Aaron.

As I mentioned, we were taking care of a baby girl last week for four days. Oh she was so sweet! I have never met such a content baby before. Myah who has always wanted to be a big sister got to see what it would be like, and is constantly reminding us now about adopting. I enjoyed caring for a baby again, though I had forgotten what it was like to get up every three hours through the night. Did I really do that for months on end before? Now that Little Peanut has returned to her family, we really miss her, but are happy that her big sister and mom are home from the hospital and able to be together.

Little Peanut's sister Munchkin was in the hospital after suffering a 45 minute long seizure last Tuesday. While taking care of Peanut, I also spent my time going back and forth to the hospital caring for Munchkin and her mom. It was a busy week!

This family is so precious and they are in need of our prayers. Munchkin is 22 months old and has Hydrocephalus. Sadly she is not expected to live a long life, but I have had many opportunities to talk with her mom about this and it does hurt her to see her baby girl suffer. I have watched this mom care for her little girl, and there is no doubt in my mind how much she loves her. When the time comes, I know that she will miss her precious girl, but she also knows that the best place for her is in the presence of our Lord and Savior. I am not sure that I would have the same courage as she does if I were walking the same valley.

Today I would like to ask you to consider committing to praying for this family and upholding them before the Lord. Pray for a young mom raising three little girls. Pray for their father who is struggling with the difficutlies of having an ill child. Pray that we will be able to find someone to help counsel him and lead him to Christ, the only one who can truly help him through  his pain and suffering and give him eternal life. Pray for us as we love them and minister to them, that we would be wise and not take away opportunities for their community to care for them. Most of all, Pray that God would be glorified through all of this.


Calley said...

How very sad. I will pray for this family.

laughwithusblog said...

Oh so many going through tough times. A friend of mine lost her baby in the womb at 34 weeks on Monday. Prayer!