Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Very Special Birthday

Last week we celebrated the birthday of a special little girl. She has become a big part of our lives over the past few months as we have cared for her and her family, along with her many health concerns. This precious little one has the most delightful personality. Though she is almost completely blind, cannot speak, has no use of her left side and has hydrocephalus, she is pleasant and responds to love and affection with joy. She smiles and kicks her right leg to let you know she is connecting with you.

One day I was visiting her family, her mom was outside washing clothes and she was laying on her bed. I quietly listened to her as she made the sweetest sounds, a melody of ooh and aw. As I stood there, I believed that she was singing for the Lord.

Now, this little one is two years old. It is uncertain how long she will live, some say a short time, others say maybe longer. But, while she is here, along with her mom and sisters we want her to know that she is loved and that God has a plan for her life, it is not in vain. He has placed her on this earth for the same purpose he has given to each of us, to glorify Him.