Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Final Team of 2011

Sweet Little One
Here are a few pictures form our final team of 2011. We had a lot of fun with everyone. The whole team participated in many different activities including; cutting and styling hair, leading a devotional with the women in MHM, repairing a home for a family, helping the moms make a prayer journal, playing and doing activities with the kids of every age, teaching me some therapy things to do with little Dana, and hosting a baby shower for three women who are (were) expecting.

The surprise of the week came on Friday morning when we were about to have our baby shower and one of the moms went into labor. I had the privilege of being with her during her labor to support and encourage her. It was not something I had expected, but it was such a joy to be by her side and see her precious little girl.

Friday afternoon all of the kids and the teachers from the Oasis performed short songs and gave each person on the team a card they had made to show their appreciation for what they had done.

Prayer Journals made with paper bags
Gissele cutting Carmen's hair
Teaching the kids to make braided string bracelets
Dana with her mom
Picture of all the kids and team on the playground


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