Sunday, January 29, 2012

Four Weeks In

The girls and I arrived in Pucallpa four weeks ago. We have been busy getting settled into our new home, new mission, new school and making new friends.

Life is very different here. Didn't realize just how spoiled I was in Lima where there were grocery stores five minutes away in almost any dirrection.But here in Pucallpa there are no grocery stores. There are several markets. It takes going to six different markets to get our weekly groceries and when you find something that you like, you stock up. Because next week it won't be there. Thankfully we were given a heads up to this by several other missionaries.

We have found our favourite places to buy certain things. Coco Roco is the place where we buy all of our chicken, however we want it, leg, breast, bruchetta, even breaded. Chicken seems surprisingly cheap here compared to what I remember it costing during our last furlough in Canada. Yesterday I bought eight chicken breasts for about $7.50.  Valdivia and Los Andes are two stores where we can buy most of our dry goods including cereal, bread and toilet paper. Sometimes, we can even find mozzarella chesse. C & M is where we can get sugar and flour. This store is located on "veggie street" where we buy our vegetables. Triunfo is where we can find beef and pork. This is great because everything we buy there is frozen, so it can last the ride home without going bad. The other thing we have learned about red meat is that you need to refrigerate it for five days, because it comes straight from the butcher without having been hung yet, and yes it does make a difference to the taste.

Well thaat is probably more than you wanted to know about buying groceries in Pucallpa. Hopefully my next post will be more interesting.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh the Things that will Live in Your House!

Did you know that there is a lot of wildlife in the Amazon? I thought I knew that. I thought I knew what I might encounter on the rare occasion. What I did not know was what would also be living in my house!

We have lived in Pucallpa a whole two and a half weeks. We love it! God knew (as He always does) what he was dooing when he brought us here. I have not seen our girls this happy and content in a long time. They have friends, a good school and they have grass to run in and trees to climb. Climbing trees I believe is Myah's favourite activity. She has even convinced Dona (who is in her late 40's, shh, don't let her know that I told you) to climb trees with her. They sit up in the tree in our front yard and chat about things, not minding the occassional ant bite.

Hannah has a great group of new friends. We are so thankful that God has answered her prayer of four years for a close friend, she even lives just 50 yards away. With her friends, Hannah has had sleepovers, movie nights and just tons of fun. It is great to see her like this!

Sarah, also has several friends and one really close friend. They spend a lot of time together just being girls and having fun. What a difference 838 kms can make.

Now, back to my original theme for this post.

There are many interesting things that live here in the jungle. Some cute, others not so cute but on the whole they are all pretty interesting. I really thought that living in a jungle city there wouldn't be many things that would be entering my house. Afterall, what creature wants to leave the beauty of the jungle to brave the city? Apparently, quite a few of them!

For starters, there are about a million ants who crawl through our house each day. Each one trying to snatch something from the kitchen if they can. This, though a little annoying it is not that hard to deal with. There are also dragon flies the size of small birds. These guys are pretty impressive. They are a favourite of Myah to put in her bug bucket. She even likes to name them, though most of them end up being called "Helicopter" because that is just what they sound like. I have seen a couple of tiny little frogs on the wall and every night there are little lizards who crawl on the screens of the house. So far I have only found one inside, but he was pretty cute, so he got to stay. There is this purple and green lizard that runs around outside. He runs so fast that you only get just a glimpse of him now and then. I have heard tell of an iguana or two that live nearby. I have not seen them yet, but Myah sure has. One jumped up right infront of her and Hannah when they startled it in the grass.

Overall the creatures we have found have not been too bad. That is until the other night when Hannah got up to use the bathroom in the night and found a nice fuzzy turantula had joined her and was sitting patiently int he shower for his next meal. She tells me that she ran out of the bathroom as quick as she could. I don't know why she waited until morning to tell us about him. Maybe she thought he would follow her. Tyler went and found him hiding in the shower and today he is in Myah's bug bucket awaiting his release or something else. This morning, Tyler suggested that we get an aquarium and keep him for a pet. I reminded him, that though I am quite thankful for the things God made, turantulas, snakes and scorpions are things that I do not like or have any kind of appreciation for and I would be happy to see our furry friend living somewhere else or ....

The jungle is a fun place to live. We love it and cannot imagine any other place we would want to be. Thank you for praying for us, for our safety and our adjustment to this very different place. We are excited about what God has in store for us.