Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Wasn't Lying!

Let the adventures begin!
When I wrote the other day that I was sure we would have more adventures to come, I did not expect it to be so quickly. We arrived in Pucallpa last night and basically dropped our bags inside the door and went to bed. We were thankfully warned that the electricity would be off for part of today, which turned out to be nine hours, but hey whose counting? Needless to say that unpacking our suitcases and furniture was a little less pleasant in 30 plus degree weather with no fans to cool us off. So we really did not get as much done as we had hoped and that's okay. The power is back on and we are gearing up for tomorrow.

As I was in the middle of cooking dinner this evening Tyler and the girls were outside spending time with friends when I heard this horrible scream. I ran to the door - as every mom knows the sound of their child's voice to see Tyler carrying Myah across the grass and blood dripping off her foot and down Tyler's leg. He called for me to get a towel and take Myah to the hospital with him. She cried the whole way afraid of what would happen with her foot, and I was praying she would not need stitches. If you have heard the story of her last vaccination you would know why I say this. Thankfully the cut was not deep enough to need stitches and the doctor cleaned and bandaged her up. She has to take medication for the next few days to ward off any possibility of infection.

When we returned home Sarah came and told us that they found what Myah had stepped on. It was a piece of broken glass. At the same time we saw that the power had come back on and I cannot remember ever being so thankful for a fan before in my life.

Hopefully this will do for our adventures for a little while, at least these kinds of adventures.

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