Friday, August 31, 2012

More Fun Stuff

Two more parts of our house are set up, the book shelf and my new kitchen shelves. I love it!
Things we brought from home that we cannot get here.
I love my new kitchen shelves! Can you believe I
even have counter space after five years.
Little things excite me!
Our bookshelf. I enjoy reading and even though I read a lot of books
electronically now I still enjoy holding a paper book in my hands.
My favourite part of the bookshelf. The girls found these really neat
dry flowers in front of the house.  I love how they look in this vase.
I still need to make curtains for the kitchen window, but for the most part it is done. Bedrooms are up next and they're going to be fun!

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Jennifer said...

Ohhh... your home looks so lovely! I'm sorry we missed you when you were here in Canada! Your kitchen looks so neat and tidy. Love the shabby chic look with the shelves. What?? You can't get jello in Peru?! That is a crying shame!
Jen Heemskerk