Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Hard Truth

Today we arrived in Peru around 4:30 am! We slept for a few hours this morning then headed out to visit a few friends before we fly onto Pucallpa tomorrow.

Our first stop was at the care centre where we were greeted by many familiar faces. It was great to hug them and tell them how much we miss them.

I was thrilled to see Dana again and spend time holding her and talking to her. It is hard to believe that she is going to be three years old in two months as she is still about the size of a one year old.  In talking with her mom I learned that Dana's head circumference has increased 6 inches in the last while and she needs to have surgery to replace her shunt. She also got severe burns on her left leg and belly when a pot of hot soup wars knocked off the stove and splattered on her. It broke my heart to see the scars that she has and imagine the pain she must have been in, but she is healing well.  Holding her again made me remember just how much I miss her and spending time with her family, encouraging her  mom.

We also got to visit with Estella today for a little while. Again, it was great to see her and hug her. We miss her very much and hope soon that we may become her family. We played duck duck goose on the trampoline and it was a ton of fun. I loved seeing Estella giggle as she ran around the circle. It was hard to say good-bye and even harder when Estella was pleading with us not to leave. We love her so much and wish that we didn't have to be so far away from her. We continue to pray that the Lord will work out his perfect will in this and that we will be her family. But, should his will be different than what we hope that we would continue to trust that he knows what is best. We would be delighted if you would pray to that end with us.

I am sure many more adventures await us in the next few days, so I will be updating again soon.

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