Saturday, August 4, 2012

Trip to the Zoo

We were given the gift of a trip to the Toronto Zoo by our Aunt Myrtle. Admittedly we could not have picked a hotter day to go, but our time here is quickly coming to a close so today needed to be the day!

This was Myah's first trip to the zoo and she had a lot of fun. The elephants and polar bears were her favourites. Though she did enjoy everything we saw.

One of three new baby white lions
One of my favourites, the giraffes 
Totally love this picture Ty took of the zebra
These two were one of the craziest exhibits in the whole zoo
We learned that the elephants are being sent to a retirement sanctuary
for elephants soon so they don't have to live through the tough
Canadian winters any longer.  We were happy to see them one last time. 
Reminding us of home in Pucallpa
So much fun watching the Orangutans play
Working hard to get at the frozen drink
Cooling off on a HOT summer's day!
The Polar bear is my favourite!

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