Tuesday, September 25, 2012

House Tour

I had forgotten that a few people asked us to post pictures of our new home when we got settled, so yesterday I ran around with the camera snapping a few pics for you. Now don't let these pictures fool you, especially the ones of our dinning room. Somehow it looks bright in there and it is truly one of the darkest places in our whole house!

So sit back and enjoy our little house tour.

Front of house
Front porch entrance
Living room and dinning room

From the hallway
Our cool room. Yeah for air-conditioning!
Sarah helping with the dishes.
Other side of the kitchen
Myah's and Sarah's room
My Cowgirl, Hannah's room.
Growing outside. I love the rich colour!
Well, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed the tour and when we have done some more decorating I will update the pictures.

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Laura said...

thanks for sharing! missing you and the family!