Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cooling Off in the Shade

On Friday night we learned that we would not have power or water all day on Sunday. So we had to think of a way to stay cool in this heat. The average temperature most days is around 35*C! I am so thankful that our church is not a closed in building and the Lord provided us with a comfortable breeze so we were not overheating. Afterwards we decided to spend the afternoon on the lawn in the shade. It was a great way to spend the day and we even had a few visitors to play with.
Myah and Flor spent the afternoon searching for Mangos and Coconuts,
they had a lot of fun together.
Luis, one of the cutest three year olds ever!
He was happy to benefit from Myah's and Flor's
mango hunting expedition.

Grandma Flor, working on Christmas ornaments
made from grass. They are very pretty.
P.S. you can see our church in the background
I of course had a great time playing with them all. This little guy is named
after Tyler and is such a content baby. He loved laying on a quilt on the

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