Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Summer Guests

This summer we had visits from two special people, Tyler's mom (Grandma) and Colin Campbell a good friend form our home church in Cambridge. We enjoyed our visit with each of them.  We were able to visit Yarina Cocha and tour the lake in a Peke Peke boat. We went to the local zoo, went deep into a small stream to see amazing birds and also to the Boqueron with Colin.

I decided to post black and white pictures for fun.

Yarina Cocha in the Peke Peke
Sarah, holding Myah's hand encouraging her to come on the boat. By the end of the ride Myah was hanging
her feet off the from bow of the boat!
Myah and Flor outside of Flor's Grandma's house

Myah, Flor and baby Tyler
Brenda with Pilar
Canoe at the edge of the lake
Enjoying the ride

Best Buddies

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