Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tournavista Road Trip

Yesterday, Tyler, Myah and I went on a little road trip to Tournavista. It is the town where SAM Air started their ministry back it the 1960's. A few weeks ago SAM Air celebrated their 50th anniversary of  ministry in Peru. It was a wonderful time to reflect on God's faithfulness and how He has used this ministry to further His Kingdom.

Tournavista is about two hours from where we live. It is also the original location of SAM Academy (our daughters school). The drive was beautiful. We passed through several tiny towns with just a homes in sight. But, there were many cattle farms that we passed surrounded by jungle trees. Hannah would have loved all of the horses we saw, as they are one of her favourite animals.

We took just a few pictures to share with you.
Entrance to Tournavista
Horses we saw right at the entrance of town
Plaza de Armas in Tournavista
An old bridge that has fallen down. We crossed several bridges on our drive yesterday though they were all
pretty small and some of them only a few boards laid over a stream.

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